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An injection moulding machine is used to manufacture plastic products in the injection moulding process.  An injection moulding machine can be positioned both vertically and horizontally, although most machines are found to be horizontal orientated. Injection moulding machines can be categorized by the type of driving system used and these can be, hydraulic, mechanical, electrical or hybrid.


How an injection moulding machine works

The injection moulding machine is fed plastic granules to heat until melted and then inject into a mould. The machine requires careful management to ensure the correct temperature is set to melt the specific plastic used. Each plastic within the injecton moulding machine will have a slightly different melting point and therefore the injection moulding machine must be accurately set to this temperature. If the temperature is too low, not all the granules will melt and if it is set too high the quality of the plastic maybe compromised.


Key parts to the injection moulding machine:


  • The hopper, serves as a funnel into the barrel and is fed the raw plastic granules.


  • The barrel is encompassed in heater bands, which maintain the temperature throughout the process.


  • The screw is contained within the barrel and rotates to not only melt the plastic but inject it into the mould.


  • The mould tool is mounted on a moveable steel platen, there are two platens in every injection moulding machine, each holding one half of the mould.


When designing parts for injection moulding it is essential to consider the moulding process, the desired material and shape as well as the moulding machine. For further information please see our design and moulding page on our website or contact us for more information.


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