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Injection Moulding Process

There are several processes of moulding plastic into useable shapes, each method has its own benefits and requires specific expertise and skill to execute. The injection moulding process is one of the most widely used and counts for a significant proportion of all plastic products in the UK. 

There are fundamentally six steps to the injection moulding process; clamping, injection, dwelling, cooling, moulding opening and ejection. We've explained each of these steps in more detail, follow the link, the Injection Moulding Process to read more. 

The injection moulding process in short; Plastic granules are melted at high temperatures until soft enough to be injected under the pressure to fill a mould. After the plastic moulding has cooled and hardened the injection mould opens releasing the part. The whole injection moulding process then repeats. To read more about the injection moulding process, follow the link. 


CJ Tool and Mouldings are plastic manufactures in the UK, who create plastic products by following a strict injection moulding process, which delivers the highest quality plastic products to clients across the country. We deliver to the whole of the UK and ensure that we can work with our clients to guarantee a smooth injection moulding process. Our customer service is tailored to individual needs and project requirements, ensuring that each experience is unique.

Even though there are many plastic manufactures, CJ Tool and Mouldings are a long-established manufacture based in the West Midlands. We offer a customer centred and personal approach, presenting a full range of plastic products produced through a injection moulding process.


Quality is at the forefront of everything we do, therefore quality inspections take place at each stage of the injection moulding process to assure they meet not only UK standards but our high standards of quality and suitability. We aim to give our customers peace of mind, save them time, money and ultimately produce a more robust product.


We not only provide customers with a single point of contact but also offer an added value service called the ‘Innovation Filter’. The innovation filter evaluates the product and manufacturing process at every stage to identify any areas for improvement. The innovation filter not only ensures we produce the best version of your product but could save you time and money in the long-run. The innovation filter is built and incorporated into each project, at no additional charge to the customer, providing an added value service and the benefit of dealing with one supplier for design, tooling, moulding and assembly.


We aim to be one of the top plastic manufactures within the UK and believe that maximising speed, quality and productivity throughout our injection moulding process requires skill and dedication.

CJ Tool and Mouldings guarantee you will not get a higher quality service with any other plastic manufacture using the injection moulding process within our core values; people, product, partnership.


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