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Guest Blog with Clow Group

C J Tool and Mouldings are one of our key suppliers and we work closely with them on a monthly basis giving us a flexible forecast format, which C J Tool and Mouldings are always able to accommodate and react to our changing demand.


We continue to use CJ Tool and Mouldings based on the services and quick response to our sometimes difficult requests.


C J Tool and Mouldings have always provided our company with our requirements and strive to hit our delivery dates.


The tooling manufacture carried out at C J Tool and Mouldings plus the support and expertise offered by the team help both us and our customer attain a production intent component in a timeframe which helps our company secure future business.


The quality of product produced is always excellent even though our demands are very high and cost element is crucial to our business.


I have always found C J Tool and Mouldings a great solution to our problem. C J Tool and Mouldings have a great team of very good people who are never phased by our requirements from the first telephone call to the delivery of my products.


We are looking forward to working alongside C J Tool and Mouldings with new projects in the future.


If plastic injection moulding products are your need then may I suggest use C J Tool and Mouldings.


Construction - MD

Clow Group


Added: 10 Oct 2017 10:39

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