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Injection Moulding

Through high precision engineering injection moulding has become the most common way of producing plastic parts. The process is fast and is ideal for making identical plastic products in large volumes.

How injection moulding works?

In short, the process means that plastic granules are melted and injected under pressure into a mould. The plastic is then cooled and ejected as a finished part. To find out more about the process of injection moulding, read our article. The process is quick and produces large volumes of parts every hour, a typical cycle can be as short as 15 seconds.

Injection moulding in figures

Injection moulding within the global plastics industry was first established in the 19th century. Injection moulding utilises the latest technology and initiatives to remain competitive.

-   The plastics industry in the UK is worth approximately £23.5 billion to the economy every year.
-   There are roughly 5,200 plastic moulding companies, employing over 170,000 people.
-   Injection moulding in the UK during 2015 produced 1.7 million tons of plastic, of which approximately 30% were exported.
-   There are many small and medium sized plastic companies, some serving niche markets. CJ Tool & Mouldings work with a variety of customers across multiple sectors.
-   The plastics industry experienced a boom at the end of 2017, with many companies reporting an increase in orders from North America, Asia and Europe.
-   The manufacturing sector is set to grow at its fastest pace since 2014, the industry will benefit from such growth and we’re excited for what opportunities this may bring for CJ Tool & Mouldings.

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