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Design Guidelines

At CJ Tool and Mouldings we are a dynamic plastic injection moulding company that have developed our skillset over many years building a knowledgeable and accomplished team. The design process for plastic injection moulding is fundamental to the successful production of any product. Through our experience we are not only able to produce high quality products, but provide an additional value to all of our customers from beginning to end.  


It can be difficult when reviewing the finished look and appearance of a product, due to different preferences on what looks appealing. In the same way art is subjective, so is the finish and design of an injection moulded part. A lot can be done when designing to improve the appearance of a product and therefore we always suggest that when designing for plastic injection moulding, material choice should be considered as this will also affect the finished look.


CJ Tool and Mouldings focus on providing a customer centred approach. This is the mentality we meet every challenge with no matter what stage of your journey. Whether you’re at the designing, tooling, injection moulding or assembly stage, our team are happy to help.


Within our design guidelines section we look into designing to reduce surface defects and overall improve the finish and performance of your plastic injection moulding part. We have combined our design team's knowledge with our years of experience in production to ensure we give you expert advice on plastic injection moulding.


We have set out a section on our website that provides our designers with a voice to educate and inform our users on the injection moulding design guidelines. By clicking on an icon below you can read more and develop your understanding before undertaking your project. We hope you find these articles useful but should you have any further questions you can contact our specialists. – people product partnership.