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Design Guidelines

As a dynamic plastic injection moulding company, CJ Tool and Mouldings have developed their experience and skillset over many years, earning high accomplishments and building a knowledgeable team. Through doing so, they are not only able to produce high quality products but provide a valued service to all their customers from beginning to end.

CJ Tool and Mouldings provide a customer centred approach and we do this through the following services: 


  • When it comes to plastic injection moulding we use the latest technology and CAD software so we can produce an accurate porotype for our clients.


  • From our in-house tool room we can manufacture, modify and repair tools, both new and existing.

Plastic injection Moulding

  • Our wide range of injection moulding machines provide us with the flexibility needed to meet customer demands.


  • Assembly for Plastic injection moulding is often outsourced after manufacture, but we offer a product assembly service in-house, saving you time and money coordinating multiple suppliers.

It can be difficult when reviewing the finished look and appearance of a product, due to different preferences on what looks appealing. In the same way art is subjective, so is the finish and design of an injection moulded part. A lot can be done when designing to improve the appearance of a product. We therefore always suggest that when designing for plastic injection moulding, material choice should be considered as this can affect the finished look.

Within our design guidelines section we look into designing to reduce plastic shrinkage and warpage. This is because all parts shrink during plastic injection moulding, but do so in varying degrees. We highlight how to reduce and control shrinkage and warping and why it’s important to do so.

We have combined our design team's knowledge with our years of experience in production to ensure we give you expert advice on plastic injection moulding. Click on an icon below to read more, we hope you find these articles useful.