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Designing for Injection Moulding - Summary

Over the course of our expert advice section we have covered every aspect of design for injection moulding. With over 35 years’ experience, our in-house designers can impart their experience and knowledge to benefit your project. Our team will not only ensure your design to be 100% suitable to the desired purpose but they’ll also explore cost saving options along the way.


Here are some of the key points that we’ve discussed in our Design Guidelines:


  • Work with a specialist injection moulding team from the point of design to avoid unexpected costs further along the process. It is far more cost effective to make changes during the design phase than any other injection moulding phase.
  • Remember to keep the end-use requirements in the forefront of your mind when designing, this will ensure you do not lose sight of the specific characteristics or functionalities needed.
  • Don’t overlook the importance of finished appearance and design to best eradicate surface defects. 
  • Consider coring, drafts, wall thickness, ribs, bosses, undercuts and part radii when designing to produce an all-round robust injection moulding product. 
  • Think about the desired life expectancy of the part and how to increase part longevity.
  • A hot topic, plastic recyclability – can your part be easily recycled?
  • Design to eliminate the need for assembly or reduce the assembly required for the part.
  • Design to reduce shrinkage and warpage
  • How to design to increase injection moulding strength and give stiffness.


CJ Tool & Mouldings are offering a customer centred, personal approach. We pride ourselves on delivering the best quality plastic products to meet our customers’ needs. Our full range of plastic injection moulding services, including design, tooling, moulding and assembly are all undertaken through the mantra of people, product and partnership.


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