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How to Reduce Costs When Designing for Injection Moulding


When designing a part for injection moulding there are two areas in which you should consider in order to reduce the overall cost, production and tooling. It’s important to factor in these costs and get the design right the first time around.


Reducing Tooling Costs


If it’s possible to combine multiple parts into one mould, the production cost becomes less when injection moulding. Producing a more complex part is expensive but over the duration of time the cost savings will be apparent through the reduction of other parts, assembly costs and through an overall shorter production time.


Using a family or multiple cavity tool


You can use a family tool to produce similar parts needed in similar quantities, this will reduce tooling costs and part costs. When large quantities of an injection moulding part are needed, a multiple cavity tool can be used therefore producing parts in one run. This means a higher initial tooling cost, but the overall price will be lower making it more cost effective.


Simplicity when designing


Aim to keep the mould simple to reduce costs. If the injection moulding design avoids complex features, the mould tool can be straight open and close. When a product requires more complex features such as threads, these can either be moulded or tapped after moulding.


Reducing Production Costs


Injection moulding is a heat process and plastics are a poor conductor of heat. It’s important to keep sections of the parts thin as this enables them to cool down quicker.


Material Selection


You can reduce costs through the selection of material, as you can chose a material that suits your requirements. We can design strength into an injection moulding part without having to create strength by overusing material. Thicker section don’t necessarily mean the part with be stronger.


Our designers have years of experience designing to reduce costs whilst maximising product functionality and quality. Speak to a member of our friendly team today and find out how we design to reduce injection moulding costs at CJ Tool & Moulding.



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