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3 key factors that influence the cost of Injection Moulding

3 key factors that influence the cost of Injection Moulding


Before starting any injection moulding project it’s important to understand the variables that drive injection moulding costs. Injection moulding is a great technology for finished production on a massive scale. It is also useful for finalised prototypes that are used for consumer and/or product testing.


CJ Tool and Mouldings have 30 years’ experience in plastic injection moulding manufacturing and engineering and through our experience we want share our knowledge to help develop your plastic part. In this article we’ll be looking at the top three factors that influence the cost of manufacturing plastic parts.


  1. Design


The injection moulding part price is mainly determined by the machine use and the cycles needed to produce the part. Large moulds that use 300 – 500-ton injection presses require additional setup time which can increase the cost. Cycle times are determined by the wall thickness and part size. This will increase machine material use which will also increase the part cost.


  1. Resin


Material costs for resin vary however commodity resins like polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene are at the lower end of the cost, whereas resins with complex properties are more costly.


  1. Tooling


This cost is mainly driven by the injection moulding part size and complexity.


If the part is larger, it will require a bigger mould. This tends to take longer to build. If the part has a greater number of cavities then you may require a larger press size which in term would boost costs such as electricity, setup and space etc. The savings from increasing cavitation will outweigh the cost of increasing the injection moulding press size.


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