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5 Key Advantages to Plastic Injection Moulding For Manufacturing Parts

Plastic Injection moulding is a very flexible and popular way of producing products and parts, as this method is extremely simple yet reliable.
Below are 5 key advantages of using an injection moulding method:


Detailed Features and Intricate Geometry


Injection moulds are put under higher pressure than any other moulding processes and this high-pressure enables completes design to be added. In addition to this, plastic injection moulding allows for intricate and multifaceted shapes within the design of the product, as this would be extremely complicated to achieve through other moulding methods.


High Efficiency


After the plastic moulds have been designed and fabricated to the customers specifications, the machine will be pre-programmed to the specific pressure needed for the plastic injection moulding process. This moulding process will be swift and stress-free in comparison to other plastic injection moulding methods, as this method will take very little time to complete; which makes plastic injection moulding a cost-effective form of moulding.


Superior Strength


With plastic injection moulding it is possible to use fillers within the mouldings, as they reduce the density of the plastic whilst the moulding process takes place. This works to contribute greater strength to the product after the process has taken place, many other moulding process do not allow for this to happen.


Using a Variety of Plastics Simultaneously


A key advantage to plastic injection moulding for creating parts and products is the ability to use a variety of plastics simultaneously, which can be achieved through co-injection moulding. This helps to reduce the limitation of only using specific types of plastic.


Saving Manufacturing Costs


Plastic injection moulding is an automated process performed through machines that are the sole operator, whom can actually regulate and manage the process. This highly reduces manufacturing costs because overheads will be extremely reduced. In addition to this, labour costs will be reduced due to the lack of need for physically creating the plastic products themselves. Therefore, plastic injection moulding allows the company to pass the savings onto the customers.

Added: 07 Nov 2017 08:48

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