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5 Ways to save money on your next plastic injection moulding project

Plastic injection moulding is the way forward when trying to produce high quality, cost effective plastic products. There are still multiple methods to help save even more money on your next project:


  • Consider minimising materials – You can use features such as ribs and gussets to create a stronger part whilst using less material. Small reductions like this can help reduce the overall cost long-term as you multiply the many parts in production.


  • Ensure acceptable draft – Like most things, when it comes to injection moulding, time is money. Parts with appropriate draft amounts will allow for faster injection from the mould.


  • Consider mould longevity – The more frequently you replace a mould, the higher the cost of producing parts. You should therefore consider features that allow it to hold up over time.


  • Use materials that meet your needs – It’s critical that your raw materials meet your product requirements, using resins that exceed the qualities needed is a waste of money. CJ Tool and Mouldings can help you accomplish your desired product requirements, using material that is economically suited to your project. Find out more about materials.


  • Minimise secondary processes – Secondary processes can include custom inserts and paintings etc. These maybe necessary in some cases, however most of the time changes to design or materials can accomplish the same goals. This is same for mechanisms, such as living hinges, they can be created in the moulding process rather than after.



Here at CJ Tool and Mouldings, we offer a unique service called “The Innovation Filter”. This service is incorporated into each stage of every project at no additional cost to the customer. Our Innovation Filter, reviews each process to identify areas for improvement (both design and product quality) and any potential cost savings. Find out more about our Innovation Filter.


 Our team are always happy to help, advise and quote for your requirements. For specialist advice, please contact CJ Tool and Mouldings today or read our latest articles for further tips and advice on plastic injection moulding.

Added: 13 Mar 2018 11:33

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