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C J Tool and Mouldings provide a complete package, consulting with us from “day one” to ensure that the whole manufacturing process can be tailored to meet our requirements.

From an initial enquiry, through to delivery of the finished goods, C J Tool and Mouldings ensure they meet all our needs and expectations.

Their services range from moulding, technical tool design and tool making, right through to fully finished and assembled products to suit any application. Furthermore to this, C J Tool makes us as a customer feel valued every time we make contact, with their exceptional customer service and communication. And this is what I believe, makes them different as business. They understand


They take pride in their experience of engineering plastic and their technical team have a wide and varying knowledge of many grades of material.

This broad understanding ensures they always select the correct material for our projects.


Their engineering production process is straight-forward, transparent and robust ensuring that we consistently receive top quality mould tools and products, on time and within budget. Also ensuring they have sufficient internal resources to deliver even the most complex bespoke project .Their design team will translate your initial concept in to a tool that is fit-for-purpose: ultimately minimising “down” time, improving efficiencies and cutting costs. C J Tool and Mouldings offer the complete tooling and moulding solution from concept through to prototype, manufacture and installation, testing and moulding supported by ISO 9000 quality standard workmanship and service that is second-to-none.


My colleagues and I have been very demanding at times and in every case the team at C J has responded to ensure we get the solution we need when we need it; we could expect no more of any supplier, and from that point of view their performance has been first class.

Added: 18 Apr 2018 14:34

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