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Case Study: Anti-Microbial Handle

C J Tool and Mouldings were approached for a new, Anti-Microbial Handle.

The clients’ aim was to provide a handle which reduced the spread of bacteria and viruses in a potentially  hazardous environment.

Our teams worked closely with the customer, using our knowledge and experience to assist in finalising design. We were keen to ensure a high standard of final production, which would provide highly functional and long-lasting results.

Our engineer proceeded to manufacture prototypes to guarantee both the fit and function of the component. These would be tested and evaluated by the customer before a production run could go ahead.

To meet the requirements for the customer, a tooling order was placed with our onsite toolmaker. Full GA control and approval were then sought and achieved, with valued involvement from both the customer and our team at CJ, to ensure absolute satisfaction before tooling manufacture commenced.

Throughout manufacture of tooling, we supplied a project progress report to the customer. Keen to ensure they could continually see our progress and advancement of their order, our sales and engineering team kept our client updated on its development.

C J Tool and Mouldings documented and sourced the required anti-microbial material and this was in place ready to go, prior to completion of tool manufacture with all performance criteria proven.

Samples were conducted onsite by our toolmaker and were supplied to the customer for testing.

The customer had overseen a potential weak point in one of the components environment, C J Tool and Mouldings reanalysed and advised how best to strengthen the product.


We provided further samples once the tool was modified for further testing.


The client was more than impressed as overseas orders deadlines were not impacted and they continue to build a solid relationship with C J Tool and Mouldings.




Added: 22 Nov 2017 15:20

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