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Environmental Injection Moulding at CJ Tool and Mouldings

Our team at CJ Tool and Mouldings are passion for high standards and strive to maintain the industry standards of injection moulding. These standards often address different aspects of sustainability, CJ Tool and Mouldings are committed to be environmentally aware, ensuring that every step of the injection moulding process is carefully monitored for quality purposes. 


Over the past few years we have exchanged expertise on sustainable injection moulding practices to minimise the environmental impact throughout our manufacturing processes. The new and innovative water-cooling system at CJ Tool & Mouldings is the most energy efficient system on the market. Developed alongside ISO Cool Limited, this new system is not only smaller in size but far more energy efficient than standard refrigerator plants.


The new intelligent twin circuit system incorporates the latest ‘Free Air Cooling’ technologies and as such will drastically reduce our on-site energy requirements. The new system replaces the two large conventional stand-alone chiller units. We’re always looking to align our company with more sustainable practices; however, CJ Tool and Mouldings’ always limit the amount of injection moulding waste where possible.


Here at CJ Tool & Mouldings we’re striving for continuous growth and development, seeking innovative and efficient products and processes to ensure we offer a competitive advantage to our injection moulding. We were not only looking to improve energy efficiency but also capacity and quality improvement. To ensure we remained on our growth program a new injection moulding initiative was needed.


A system such as this is revolutionary for any business. We are thrilled to be utilising such technology within our business and offering the benefits to our customers.


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CJ Tool & Mouldings offer a full range of plastic injection moulding services, with a customer centred and personal approach. We pride ourselves on delivering quality products to meet customer needs, with a strong focus on quality service and value. CJ Tool & Mouldings are a dynamic and growing business through people product partnership. 

Added: 19 Nov 2019 09:19

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