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Factors impacting injection moulding cycle time

Injection moulding is a process in which identical plastic parts are produced on a large scale. However a factor that effects the cost on production is the cycle time. This can influence not only the cost but also the capacities, so keeping it as low as possible is generally the goal. In this article we’ll be looking at how to accelerate the speed of injection moulding.


  1. Wall Thickness


The thickest point of the injection moulding part is the longest to go from a molten state to being rigid enough to eject. The cycle time will be longer if the wall is thicker. If a wall can be thinned without affecting the part’s integrity, the cost will be less due to shorter machine time. In addition the injection moulding part will possibly be able to produce more parts per run.


  1. Plastic Type


The injection moulding cycle time will be affected by the chemistry behind the construction of the plastic part. There are certain polymers that cool more slowly than others which in short extends cycle times increasing cost.


  1. Part Design


Understanding certain design parameters like wrapping plastic entirely around mould steel or other non-flat configuration, designing a mould that cannot accommodate cooling lines or including thick walls will not only increase cooling times, but they will also introduce failure-inducers like thin steel and hot spots. Our design experience will prove invaluable in the injection moulding design phase.


As an experienced moulding company, we can anticipate factors that potentially increase cycle time and pro-actively prevent them by design change options.


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Added: 19 Dec 2019 10:09

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