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Growth Forecasts For Plastic Injection Moulding

High performance plastics have grown at a high annual rate during the course of 2017. This sudden growth within the plastic injection moulding industry was anticipated, however has surpassed many expectations. The isolated force that has been driving this growth within the plastic injection moulding industry, is the increase demand for manufacturing interior and exterior components in the automotive and aerospace industries.


As the quality of mechanical properties, chemical resistances and high heat stability of high performance plastics, there has been a huge increase in the amount of companies using specific techniques like plastic injection moulding to create their parts. This technique can be used to create parts such as coolant systems, brake systems, fuel systems, valves, engine components, biotech, sockets, shaft seals, surgical equipment, transmission components and many more.


This information reflects that the plastic injection moulding industry is continuing to grow at a fast rate, beyond expectations due to the increasing need for plastic products and parts within major industries. Even though, most markets are subject to change due to the uncertainty of the economy and demand, the high performance plastics industry is confident that supply and demand will ensure stability and growth for the industry.


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Added: 14 Nov 2017 10:19

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