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Injection Moulding’s advantages and disadvantages

injection moulding

Injection Moulding’s advantages and disadvantages

Firstly, it’s important to identify that plastic injection moulding is a manufacturing process used to achieve a high production rate of identical parts. This requires an injection moulding machine, raw plastic material and an injection mould.

Granules of plastic material are placed into a machine via the conveying systems. The melted plastic material is then injected under pressure through runner systems into the cavity. You will then be able to define the shape of the mould through using our specialist equipment and tools. Once cooled and ejected from the mould you’d then have a finished part. This process then repeats allowing each cycle to produce an identical part.

Advantages of injection moulding

The process is mainly machine operated which allows for the cost of labour to be lower than other manufacturing processes. As well as this, CJ Tool and Moulding apply a process called the Innovation Filter which allows our designers to evaluate the product every step of the way to make improvements.

The Design is very flexible as multiple materials can be used at the same time with access to be using different coloured materials.

The injection moulding process also provides fast production that’s at a high-output. Due to our flexibility, our injection moulding machines can produce even the smallest of parts, whilst leaving as little post-production scrap as possible.

Disadvantages of injection moulding

One of the few disadvantages for injection moulding is that the initial tooling costs and machinery costs can be high.

If you’re producing parts in low volumes or producing small parts, it can be less cost effective.

There are always a few design restrictions for injection moulding, however by working with our experienced design team you should be able to overcome any initial issues.

Get in touch with our specialists to discuss your next project and see how we can help you today. Whether you have a new idea, a new part or an existing mould tool, we can help you.

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Injection Moulding (a short history)

history of plastic injection moulding

CJ Tool and Mouldings supply plastic injection moulding throughout the UK and worldwide markets, because we love the industry so much we’ve dedicated this article to the history of injection moulding. Plastic injection moulding has expanded the boundaries of modern invention and design however it’s important to understand where it came from.


Emergence of injection moulding


In 1868 John Wyatt was assigned the task of creating a billiard ball more efficiently and in a more uniform manner by Phelan and Collander (a billiard ball making company). John and his brother created the first plastic injection moulding machine by 1972 and achieved the creation of a billiard ball through injecting celluloid into a mould. The machine was relatively simple compared to the machines used today, however it was used to produce products such as buttons and combs.




In 1946, James Hendry built the first screw injection moulding machine with an auger design, replacing Hyatt’s plunger. The auger is now placed within the cylinder in order to mix the injection moulding material before injecting into the main mould, it’s common to see this technique being used within modern machined to this date. 


Modern Incarnations


Within the modern day we can produce more specificity through injection moulding, this is due to the enhancements of computer technology and is therefore why there is a large number of products on the market. Through more sleeker injection moulding machines we are allowed a much better control over the speed and quality of the product.


If you require an experienced injection moulder, then talk to our specialists today. Our friendly team are happy to advise and quote for your next project, contact us. To read more about CJ Tool & Mouldings, click here, you may also find our News & Views section interesting with plastic moulding articles and firm news.

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Injection Moulding Company UK

We provide plastic injection moulding, centrally based in the UK, manufacturing plastic components. Our primary focus is our customers and our personal approach sees us build lasting partnerships. Our full range of plastic injection moulding services within the UK include; designtooling, moulding and assembly.

Plastic injection moulding is the most popular method for making plastic parts in the UK. The process is fast and ideal for producing large volumes of identical parts. CJ Tool and Mouldings, provide plastic injection moulding services through their skilled in-house team and state-of-the art technology. We’re proud to continually invest into new technology and pass these advancements onto our customers.

 As providers of plastic injection moulding in the UK, we offer unique benefits to our customers. To find out more about us and what our customers say on our testimonial page, please follow the links highlighted.

CJ Tool and Mouldings have a variety of plastic injection moulding machines in the UK. These machines are supported by our innovative and intelligent chiller system, which incorporates the latest ‘Free Air Cooling’ technologies and drastically reduces our on-site energy requirements. Find out more about our unique chiller system, which is the most energy efficient system on the market!  

  Quality is important to us, from the design of a product through to the packaging and shipping, we hold quality and customer service at the heart of our plastic injection moulding services. Every step of the manufacturing process is carefully monitored and we maintain detailed traceability records to ensure quality control.

We are an experienced plastic injection moulding company with over 30 years of expertise. We’re proud to offer our unique innovation filter which is applied to every project at no extra cost. This inclusive service evaluates your project at each stage to identify any improvement and cost-saving opportunities. This service offered by our plastic injection moulding team is only possible due to our experienced team imparting their knowledge and skillset to ensure the best possible outcome for our customers within the UK.

Get in touch with our specialists to discuss your next project and see how we can help you today. Whether you have a new idea, a new part or an existing mould tool, we can help you.

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Injection Moulding Company UK

CJ Tool and Mouldings are an Injection Moulding Company based in the UK and are centrally located to provide design, tooling, moulding and assembly services to customers across the UK and worldwide.

 The UK injection moulding company, CJ Tool and Mouldings offer a customer centred approach to business and offer their full knowledge and experience through their added value service called the ‘innovation filter’. This provides the customer with a single point of contact through every stage of the product process at no additional charge. As an injection moulding company, operating in the UK, we aim to deliver top quality products and excellent customer service.

 The team pride themselves over quality, something that the injection moulding company apply through every stage of the plastic injection moulding process, through holding detailed traceability records to ensure strict quality control. The UK based Injection moulding company like to provide reliability and peace of mind to their customers, shown through their accreditation of ISO 9001:2008. The team understand that different businesses have different quality requirements and therefore tailor their processes to meet individual requirements.

 CJ Tool and Mouldings are proud of what they’ve achieved within Great Britain and part of the reshoring revival. The project management team understand the reshoring process and continue to be involved within reshoring projects back to the UK from global markets. As well as this the injection moulding company is reliable and trustworthy to ensure that every product arrives on time and in excellent condition.

 The injection moulding company take complete pride in their customer service and delivery standards to ensure all specifications are not just met but exceeded. The manufacturing process includes the delivery of injection mouldings and assemblies for clients in the West Midlands and across the UK.

Please contact our personable team for any further assistance: contact us.

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Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is a process that is widely used and counts for a significant proportion of all plastic products in the UK. There are several processes of moulding plastic into usable shapes, each have their own benefits and need specific and well executed skill.

Fundamentally, you’ll find that there are 6 steps to the injection moulding process, these can be found here and they consist of, clamping, injection, dwelling, cooling, moulding and ejection.

CJ Tool and Mouldings manufacture plastics within the UK and follow a strict injection moulding process, delivering the highest quality products to clients across the country. Despite there being many plastic manufacturers, CJ Tool and Mouldings are a long established manufacture based in the West Midlands.

Through using injection moulding you can produce large volumes of parts every hour at a fast pace. Typical cycles can be as short as 15 seconds. As well as this injection moulding is highly flexible in terms of material choice and colour. Labour costs are low as parts can be made ready with little or no assembly.

The process works through granules of plastic material being introduced into our specialist machine via a variety of conveying systems. The melted plastic material is injected under pressure via a runner system into the cavity. The mould tool that provides the cavity defines the shape of the moulded part. The material is then cooled and finally ejected from the mould as a finished part. The whole process then repeats, each cycle producing an identical part.

We provide our clients with a single point of contact and we can complete all stages of design, tooling, moulding, and assembly. To ensure an injection moulding service that is second to none, we offer an added value service called the ‘Innovation Filter’. This free service assesses each product at every stage of the process which helps identify improvement.

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Injection Moulding Company UK

CJ Tool & Mouldings is an UK injection moulding company, based in the West Midlands. Offering a total solution for customers seeking an injection moulder, our services include design, tooling, moulding and assembly. We also offer added value services such as our innovation filter and our unique concept2component model. We believe we are an injection moulding company with the edge and our approach sets us apart from other injection moulding companies in the UK.

CJ Tool & Mouldings are a UK injection moulding company and make up the 5,200* plastic manufactures within the UK, the West Midlands representing 12% of this total. 

We provide low volume manufacture through to medium volume supply to many industry sectors. There are many forms of Supply that we undertake to best suit the needs of our Customers with many tailored specifically.Our UK injection moulding company  is supported by fully equipped Toolmaking & Post Moulding departments therefore providing our customers with a full plastic injection moulding service.

We strive to offer our customers high quality plastic products at competitive prices, offering true value for money. We are a UK ISO accredited injection moulding company, with a strong focus on quality and customer service. To read more about our commitment to quality, please follow the link.

CJ Tool & Mouldings are a UK injection moulding company with a difference, our unique innovation filter is incorporated into every project at no additional cost yet gives customers additional benefits and often cost savings. Our unique innovation filter supports our concept2component model, which seeks to provide and transfer knowledge to our customers through our own experiences. We are a UK plastic injection company that strives to become an extension of your own operation, forming lasting partnerships that develop over time. Unlike another injection moulding company, the word “value” means more than just competitive pricing to us, access to our specialists, their knowledge and experience is a priceless asset to our customers. 

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Injection Molding vs Injection Moulding

Have you noticed within the Plastic Manufacturing industry in the UK, you see ‘injection moulding’ spelt as ‘injection molding’? Moulding is spelt differently across the world-wide web, and can often bring some confusion to people with which spelling is the appropriate one to use.

In fact, the meaning injection molding and injection moulding is exactly the same. It is a primary process for producing plastic components. It is fast and used to produce large volumes of identical items from high precision engineering components to disposable consumer goods.  There are several processes of molding or moulding plastic into useable shapes, each method has its own benefits and requires a specific expertise and skill to execute. The injection molding or the injection moulding process is one of the most widely used and counts for a significant proportion of all plastic products.


Where has Injection moulding or Injection molding come from?

American inventor John Wesley Hyatt together with his brother Isaiah patented the first moulding or molding machine in 1872. This machine is quite simple to the machines we use today at CJ Tool and Mouldings.


Should I use the term Injection Moulding or Injection Molding?

The term injection molding is the American version. Where the word ‘moulding’ is the English meaning.

If you are in the UK it is grammatically correct to use Injection moulding. Although the meaning between the two is the same.

Many of the differences between American and British English date back to a time when spelling standards had not yet developed.


Our team will be more than happy to help, advise and quote for your injection moulding requirements.

Looking for more information? Check out our blog, News & Views for useful articles, tips and tricks on plastic injection moulding. 

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