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Injection Moulding (a short history)

history of plastic injection moulding

CJ Tool and Mouldings supply plastic injection moulding throughout the UK and worldwide markets, because we love the industry so much we’ve dedicated this article to the history of injection moulding. Plastic injection moulding has expanded the boundaries of modern invention and design however it’s important to understand where it came from.


Emergence of injection moulding


In 1868 John Wyatt was assigned the task of creating a billiard ball more efficiently and in a more uniform manner by Phelan and Collander (a billiard ball making company). John and his brother created the first plastic injection moulding machine by 1972 and achieved the creation of a billiard ball through injecting celluloid into a mould. The machine was relatively simple compared to the machines used today, however it was used to produce products such as buttons and combs.




In 1946, James Hendry built the first screw injection moulding machine with an auger design, replacing Hyatt’s plunger. The auger is now placed within the cylinder in order to mix the injection moulding material before injecting into the main mould, it’s common to see this technique being used within modern machined to this date. 


Modern Incarnations


Within the modern day we can produce more specificity through injection moulding, this is due to the enhancements of computer technology and is therefore why there is a large number of products on the market. Through more sleeker injection moulding machines we are allowed a much better control over the speed and quality of the product.


If you require an experienced injection moulder, then talk to our specialists today. Our friendly team are happy to advise and quote for your next project, contact us. To read more about CJ Tool & Mouldings, click here, you may also find our News & Views section interesting with plastic moulding articles and firm news.

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