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Injection Moulding - The Benefits and Limitations

Here at CJ Tool and Mouldings we have injection moulding facilities that provide the accessibility to produce a high production of identical parts. In this article we’ll be exploring the benefits and limitations of injection moulding.


A large percent of the injection moulding process is machine operated and fully automated. This therefore means the cost of labour is reduced in comparison to other manufacturing processes. As it’s the most common and most efficient form of moulding the process itself is extremely fast and therefore not only labour costs are reduced but so are our output rates. The production speed depends on the complexity and size of the mould but only 15-120 seconds pass between each cycle time, increasing the cost effectivity.

Choosing the right colour and material for a project are two key factors in creating plastic parts. Due to the wide variety of both, the possibilities are almost endless. With advances in polymers there is a large selection of resins which you can choose from. Your designs can be limitless, we’re here to aid you on which resins are suitable for strength, elasticity, heat detection and so on.


With the benefits mentioned there are a few limitations to injection moulding that are worth stating. Before undertaking your injection moulding project there are high initial tooling and machinery set up costs. Therefore is you’re running a small project the cost effectivity will be reduced compared to running a large scale, high production project.

Despite injection moulding providing a large variety of plastic materials and resins, there are still a few part design restrictions. Our experienced team have written an expert advice section on our website in order to help you understand plastic injection moulding.

If you require more information about injection moulding, please feel free to browse through our ‘expert advice’ page. We also have a team of experts onboard that can help at any stage of the process. Contact us today on 01384 378866 or customercare@cjtoolandmouldings.co.uk

Added: 23 Jul 2019 11:59

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