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Injection Moulding through 3D Printing The Benefits and Limitations

3D printing is a process of creating a three dimensional solid object from a digital file achieved through computer aided design. Hundreds or thousands of horizontal layers of plastic are then laid down to produce a three dimensional model.


Although 3D printing is not a new process, it’s becoming increasingly used for prototyping plastic parts. This is great as it provides a cost effective and realistic solution to design challenges whilstinjection moulding. You are able to identify any issues from the plastic model and therefore don’t have to find these issues further down the line.


Our 3d printing material provides 70% of the strength of a moulded part. This means many versions and adaptations can be produced during this process to ensure full pre-production functionality. As well as this, our technology can make a great difference for entrepreneurs offering a cost-effective, low risk route to the injection moulding market. This means samples can be produced and tested to see if an idea works before taking it to a larger scale of mass production.


For a small investment, 3D printing allows testing or design modification to meet exact product specification/requirements. Additionally, short injection moulding manufacturing runs can be carried out if a limited number of a customised product is required.

Many of our injection moulding customers, particularly new customers, are turning to 3D printing to ensure their product design is exactly right before committing to tooling to avoid additional cost if a design fault shows up later.


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Added: 20 Aug 2019 11:33

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