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Is Injection Moulding Right for You?


Do you have an existing tool?

If you already have a tool, then get in touch and we can quote for you. If you do not yet have a tool, there are several questions you must ask yourself:

  1. Do you have sufficient budget to have the tool made? It can cost anywhere between £3,000 and £20,000 depending on the complexities.
  2. Do you have a technical drawing or CAD 3D design for your tool?

Don’t panic if you do not have anything but a new idea, our design team can work with you to design your part. Find out more about our design service for injection moulding.


 Do you have a 3D model?

If you already have a prototype we can progress with making your tool, but if not we can discuss making a prototype for you. It is important to consider the design and our team can help you with this process. Once you are happy with the design and prototype we can begin making your tool. This can take up to 10 weeks but unlike other injection moulders we have an in-house tool room for this purpose and do not send your designs off site.


Once production begins, you’ll want to see initial samples to check everything is to your specification. This is a good time to make any minor changes, test and feedback to your injection moulder. The further down the process that you make changes the more costly the project will become.


After final testing and sign off final production can begin and your final parts can be made, ready for shipping.


We’ve created a fun infographic to help answer your questions, check it out here.


If you have a new idea CJ Tool and Mouldings can help guide you through the design process and assist right through to the production of your product. Our experienced and friendly team will explain the plastic injection moulding process, ensure your idea is suitable for injection moulding and advise on the best material to meet your requirements. 


Get in touch, speak to one of our specialists today and start your journey! 

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Is Injection Moulding Right For You

Added: 12 Jul 2017 15:30

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