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Our Design & Prototyping Services What makes us different

The design phase for plastic moulding is essential to the success of any plastic product manufactured in the UK. Our experienced, in-house designers will not compromise on quality to meet design requirements, but will help guide and advise during this crucial phase

Plastic moulding in the UK begins with design, at CJ Tool & Mouldings we can help with the design of the part, the tooling and ensure the part is fit for purpose. We believe our design service is second to none and goes that extra mile. Our plastic moulding design team have over 30 years experience and knowledge with a fantastic level of attention to detail.

You can be assured that your plastic moulding design requirements will be correctly understood and turned into a reality.

For some plastic moulding projects, receiving a prototype can be invaluable to test the proof of design as well as the fit and function, before investing in tooling. We aim to produce a prototype that is as close in finish as your final manufactured part will be. A prototype can be painted, machined, drilled or chrome plated to further test for purpose. We can assist with different levels of 2D and 3D prototypes from our design studio, which benefits from the latest technology and CAD software.


Working with CJ Tool & Mouldings for your plastic moulding projects, gives you a solid and experienced manufacturing partner. Our friendly team will support you from the initial concept and design, right through to the manufacture of the mould tool. We’re also keen to assist with testing and product analysis, applying our unique innovation filter, which may identify cost savings and product improvements, find out more – innovation filter.

Added: 20 Mar 2018 12:31

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