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Plastic Injection Moulders 2017 a great year for CJ Tool & Mouldings

2017 has been a great year for CJ Tool & Mouldings as we have seen many achievements and developments throughout the course of the year.
Let’s recap on some of the fantastic highlights we have had!

In June, we launched our brand-new website. The website had a whole new look and modern feel to it, effectively representing the business and our core values; people, product, partnership. The new site was also tablet and mobile responsive, so easily scaled down to view and use on different devices. It has been a great success and a big hit with our customers and suppliers.  
In addition to this, we began our online social media presence.

We will continue to grow our online presence, connecting with UK business, to further establish our ‘people, product, partnership’ core value.


September saw the installation of our new and innovative water cooling system. It is one of the most energy efficient systems on the market. It has allowed for our business to reduce our carbon footprint and replaces two large conventional chiller units. Being eco-friendly is extremely important to us and we are actively establishing green initiatives.


Another great achievement in 2017 for CJ Tool & Mouldings was the renewal of our ISO Certification 9001:2008. This continued certification has allowed for significant improvements throughout the business and helped to further streamline the operations throughout our plastic injection moulding process. The 9001:2008 Certification has assisted in the businesses resilience and work ethic. ISO9001:2008 is currently changing to ISO9001:2015 which will apply risk strategies within our quality management system; which will aid CJ Tool and Mouldings in managing our business risks whilst applying controls to deliver consistency and increase customers satisfaction.


Our Business Support Manager, Miranda Woodhouse, has recently started a management development programme at Wolverhampton Science Park. She attends monthly seminars that provide learning experiences to compliment Miranda’s careers aspirations at CJ Tool & Mouldings. The programme covers a variety of aspects such as understanding the challenges managers face on a day to day basis and finding solutions to make the challenges much easier to deal with.
Overall, the management development programme helps Miranda to understand and use the core skills and values that are set within the business to aid her in becoming a fantastic manager for the team.


We’re extremely proud of our developments and achievements in 2017 and look forward to a successful year in 2018!

Added: 12 Dec 2017 09:17

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