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Plastic Manufacturing Sustainability

C J Tool and Mouldings have a long standing commitment to sustainability in manufacturing; aiming to invest in minimizing energy resource consumption and waste generated in our plastic injection mouldings process.

Our focus is to continue to invest in new energy efficient systems, technology and equipment to reduce our energy resource consumption and waste.

Some recent examples of our sustainable manufacturing energy reduction efforts and focus include:

  • Conversion of office and plant lighting to environmentally friendly and energy efficient LED lights
  • New chiller installation (Keep an eye out for our new blog)
  • Use of returnable packaging wherever possible.

Reductions of waste and recycling are another major focus of our sustainable manufacturing efforts.

We source our raw materials and packaging from environmentally conscious companies and in turn we continue to recycle our cardboard and paper locally limiting our waste going to landfill which reduces our carbon footprint

We track waste levels through our key performance indicators on a monthly basis and continuously seek ways to reduce these through the injection moulding process.

All team members at CJ Tool and Mouldings are aware and involved in helping to meet our waste reduction goals.

When it comes to sustainable manufacturing at CJ Tool and Mouldings our goal is to use our technology and experiences to not only serve our customers, but to also ensure we do right by the planet – offering great sustainability in plastics.

Added: 16 Aug 2017 12:46

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