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Plastic Recycling Within The Manufacturing Industry

The importance of plastic recycling  has become increasingly more common within plastic injection moulding companies. The industry has seen a change in their approach to recycling policies, by focusing on minimising production waste and increasing company’s resources efficiently.


Here at CJ Tool and Mouldings, a plastic injection moulding company, we take our recycling procedures very seriously, to decrease wastage and improve sustainability in the manufacturing industry.


What is CJ Tool and Mouldings recycling policy?


As a plastic injection moulding company our policy is based around the three R’s.


  1. Recycle
  2. Re-use
  3. Reduce


How do you measure your recycling processes in your plastic injection moulding company?


Each month we produce key performance indicators, which highlight rates and areas where further improvement can be made. By looking at our KPI’s we identify areas and invest our resources.


What are your future recycling goals with your plastic injection moulding company?


We are currently looking at our cardboard use options to see how we can reduce waste. We have also contracted new recyclers to increase and improve our methods.


We also look to continually improve through our monthly and targeted government climate change levy agreement.


As a plastic injection moulding company, how do you minimise plastic wastage?


Quality is key in every process we do. Our quality processes are paramount to reducing any type of waste.


We have been working on a client initiative to identify products that would benefit from cost reduction due to the reuse of granulated materials which has proved to be very successful. 

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