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So how and why did I make my decision

C J Tool and Mouldings were very pro-active in their approach. My necessities’ were listened to from the start.

Firstly I conducted a detailed on-site assessment of the manufacturing operations at their site. This was essential for me to develop a seamless transfer. During this time, the project management transfer team worked with me to understand thoroughly the productions functions from order entry to shipment. This was an essential step for me, as it was likely to be the only opportunity to capture the wealth of information that, in many cases had not been properly documented by my current supply source.  A project team leader, supported by a fully staffed in-house tool room; accountable for evaluating the components and creating documentation ensured qualified product would be moulded according to projections I required.

C J encouraged working with Non-Disclosure Agreements as this helped protect both parties. They understood the investment and the involvement of my time and money on developing the products and I was reassured that all rights remain ours. The way that CJ Tool and Mouldings project team worked, clearly demonstrated their hunger to deliver their core belief of People, Product, Partnership.

Based on what was learned from the on-site assessment, a transfer schedule was developed. This was a joint effort from both parties. All parts, moulds, and associated production equipment received a scheduled date to transfer. All product lines were reviewed and managed to allow all components to be available through the transfer.

An absolute key to the success of the project was to establish and maintain clearly defined communication channels. A dedicated and empowered team was defined upfront based on the requirements of the project. I was looking for an injection moulders willing to make personnel arrangements that are necessary to ensure the productivity and success forming a partnership with open lines of communication between the two of us.  That is exactly what C J Tool and Mouldings offered.

I was concerned there may be a lot of work and money involved in getting an existing tool to run well in new machines. However C J Tool and Mouldings ensured me they have taken on whole suites of tooling in the past very successfully and they have adapted fast cost-effective techniques to achieve this quickly with no hidden costs attached. 

C J Tool and Mouldings ensured my team and I that a tool maintenance health check would be conducted and general maintenance work will be carried out. Any problems that may occur, the team at CJ will notify me with a suitable recommended course of action.

C J Tool and Mouldings’ project management team were very focused on managing their internal resources for the validation tasks, the document process, disclosures and tool evaluations. Their internal processes established everything they do can be traced back to the source.

Upon validation approval, the project team ensured CJ’s production staff managed and produced the products within the constraints of the contractual agreement according to the projected volumes for each part in the transfer package.

 The number of personnel involved at CJ and the variety and depth of the technical backgrounds they have, lead to completing the process to complete success.

The Process Detailed:

-Safe and successful transfer

-Quality testing and inspection

-Short lead times

-Minimal downtime

-Efficient stock control

-Increased documented control

-Improved supplier knowledge and services

-A UK supply base

Added: 26 Nov 2018 09:25

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