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Staff Profile: Simon Worton, Toolmaker with over 35 years experience

Simon Worton

Whom is a toolmaker at CJ Tool and Mouldings, that holds 35+ years of experience within the industry.

  • carried out a detailed design review where we made sure the project was fit for purpose assessing the functionality, performance, reliability and suitability based on the clients’ specifications
  • Worked with the client using 3D design software, taking the concept through to a finished 3D model ready for prototypes and tooling.
  • Prototypes were made and sent to the customer with a fully detailed review for the clients’ approval
  • Based on the requirements of the clients’ project, we designed and manufactured an injection mould tool to suit the clients’ product design and production requirements based on the feedback from the prototypes
  • Guided the client through the design and manufacture process of the tooling
  • Close collaboration with the customer with regular updates and progress
  • Significant time and technology were expended at the tooling design stage to ensure we stood the best possible chance of a right first time result at the tooling maturation phase.
  • Samples produced - hand delivered for approval and feedback.
  • Client had the chance to see the tool on site at completion stage
  • Project control was a paramount importance driving our decision to have these tools manufactured in house to ensure we could closely monitor progress and resolve any issues swiftly and effectively
  • Partnership, Integrity, Respect and Commitment.

It was a pleasure to work on such a project where we had a concept/idea given to us and it was our task to design and manufacture a tool to produce components the client wanted.  It was a joy to work closely with the client through the designing of the tool and product and as we were local it was easy for us to gain feedback to avoid delays in manufacture. As part of the full-service package, we also suggested manufacturing solutions for packaging, assembly, delivery and supply options, with a focus on finding the best solution for launch and ongoing supply. CJ Tool and Mouldings were the perfect fit for our client as we have our own tool room, mould shop and assembly services which meant all processes could be done under one roof. We have gained a strong relationship with the client based on partnership, integrity, respect and commitment and consequently has resulted in gaining further projects’


Added: 19 Oct 2017 10:14

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