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The advantages of replacing metal manufacturing with plastic moulding

The concept of replacing metal manufacturing with plastic moulding was born in the 1950s when engineering-grade resins were first discovered. However, in the 1950s most manufactures were unaware of the advantages to injection moulding.


Plastic Moulding

Today the plastic moulding process is used worldwide to create large volumes of identical plastic parts. Most industries now understand the advantages of replacing metal part manufacturing with plastic moulding. Businesses have seen a 25-50% cost reduction by switching to injection moulding, but this isn’t the only advantage.


Advantages to replacing metals with plastic

  • Design - Plastic has better design options, find out what these are design.
  • Strength - Plastic can have a higher tensile strength depending on the type of metal.
  • Fast - injection moulding is a very fast method of production, ideal for making large volumes of identical parts.
  • Weight - Plastic is lighter than metal and therefore reduces the overall product weight.
  • Cheaper - Helps to reduce manufacturing costs and reduces waste.
  • Longevity - Plastic parts can last up to six times longer and have better corrosion resistance.


One of the key advantages for businesses turning to plastic moulding over metal parts is that several metal parts can be replicated in one plastic component. Therefore requiring fewer secondary operations, such as assembly. This key advantage saves both time and money and is one of the reasons why plastic moulding is becoming the method of choice.


Simpler Manufacturing

By consolidating multiple metal parts into one plastic part the manufacturing process is much simpler and the entire production quicker and more cost effective. To read more about the plastic moulding manufacturing process, follow the link to another article.


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Added: 28 May 2019 14:22

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