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The Benefits of Replacing Metal Manufacturing with Plastic Injection Moulding

The conversion of metal to plastic began in the 1950s when engineering grade resins were created. However, many manufactures were unaware of engineering grade resins and the advantages of this extremely versatile production method.


Over the years, many developments have taken place in producing cost-effective plastics and consequently this has seen a shift in the landscape of the plastic injection moulding market. Today many plastic injection moulding manufactures are fully aware of just how beneficial producing plastics are instead of metal. This technique is called plastic injection moulding and manufactures can be expected to save between 25 and 50% off their cost, by switching from metal.


High numbers of industries are actively converting to plastic injection moulding due to the rising benefits, such as fast, high-volume production with high levels of accuracy. Plastic injection moulding is becoming the manufactures method of choice!


What are the advantages of Plastic injection moulding over metal:


  • Plastics can have higher tensile strength compared to some metals
  • Plastics are much lighter than metal
  • The process reduces the cost of manufacturing and waste
  • Plastics are extremely flexible in their design
  • Plastics can be manufactured much faster than metal
  • Plastics can last up to six times longer than metal
  • Plastics are more durable with an increased corrosion resistance
  • Plastics are perfect for recurring manufacturing


Switching from metal to plastic could also see the merging of several metal parts, into one plastic part. In addition to this, the plastic injection moulding process requires fewer secondary operations, saving businesses time and manufacturing costs.


Overall, using plastic injection moulding can save vast amounts due to these aspects:

  • This method can replace several metal parts with just one plastic part
  • Manufacturing costs are cut
  • Faster production and more suited to repeat manufacturing
  • Allows for a variety of colours to be added, which reduced painting or laser costs


In addition to these savings, this method can work to provide many improvements on the quality of the parts. These improvements are made as manufactures can reuse the materials used as the product life is extended.

For more information on plastic injection moulding and how we can help your business switch from metal parts, contact us today.

Added: 06 Dec 2017 09:08

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