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The difference between single or multi cavity mould which is more beneficial

CJ Tool and Mouldings are an injection moulding company the manufacture plastic products suited to our customers’ requirements. As part of the design process our customers have to consider using either single or multi-cavity mould. We’ll be highlighting the difference between the two and how to select the best option for your injection moulding project.


What’s cavity injection moulding?


This is the sequence of events during the injection mould of a plastic part called the injection moulding cycle. The cycle will start when the mould closes and is followed by injecting polymer into the mould cavity. Once this cavity has been filled, pressure is maintained to compensate for material shrinkage.


What’s the difference between single and multi-cavity moulds?


A single cavity mould will produce a single cycle, whereas a multi-cavity mould produces more than one product per cycle. 


Pros of a multi-cavity injection moulding:


  • The desired number of products will be finished sooner because of the shorter lead time per batch;
  • You can produce more products with the same mould within the shot guarantee;
  • A four-cavity mould has, in most cases, a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than four single-cavity moulds.
  • More efficient use of the cycle time;
  • Major scale benefits for stable processes;
  • Lower part price.


Cons of a multi-cavity injection moulding:


  • One multi-cavity mould requires a more substantial investment than one single-cavity mould;
  • A longer lead time for the mould manufacturer;
  • If there are any problems with one of the cavities, the entire mould will have to be taken out of the machine, which means the other cavities cannot be used either.


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