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Top 6 injection moulding tips for designing the right plastic part

It’s important to make the right decisions when trying to achieve the best injection moulding part to suit your specification. We can help you prevent mistakes that can cost you both time and money. We hope you’ll consider talking to us, this advice will apply to any injection moulding part.

1. Specify the right plastics

It’s important for your injection moulding company to understand where the part will be used. Will the material be used outside? If so, the material should be UV protected. It’s important to discuss at an early date what you want the component to do and what all the possibilities are.

2. Cleanliness

Our work stations are clean and contamination free. It’s important to identify if the injection moulding component is a medical or food related product that needs to be qualified before use. We’re ISO 9001: 2015 qualified which ensures all products will be made to the highest standard.

3. Design

The right initial design can pay to be very beneficial in terms of cost efficiency. Often you can design in a way to make the tooling “open and shut” rather than by adding potentially costly inserts. Equally, you can build in features that save money later.

4. Prototyping

Chances are you may want to see a prototype. An option we offer is 3D printing. Through using CAD software to provide 2D drawings or 3D models and mould flow analysis we can identify any injection moulding design flaws and gain approval before any tool design and engineering functions begin.

5. Volumes

Know what your planned annual volumes are likely to be and what an average order size will be. Getting this right, leads to specifying the right tooling size and can save considerable sums whilst injection moulding.

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Added: 12 Aug 2019 16:57

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