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What is Injection Moulding?

injection moulding

CJ Tool and Mouldings provide a technique in which plastic products are manufactured. This is known as plastic injection moulding, a process that involves design, tooling, moulding and assembly. With those processes in mind, creating the finishing product also includes clamping, injection, dwelling, cooling, opening and ejection. 

Common questions involved with plastic injection moulding include;

What is Plastic injection Moulding?

  • This a process in which plastic resin is melted and injected under high pressure into a mould which then cools down to form a particular shape. Injection moulding is suitable for manufacturing a large amount of consistent parts.

Can you produce parts in different colours?

  • Yes, our team have an extensive knowledge of colour control and additives allowing us to understand customer specifications and requirements for product performance. 

What is a plastic injection mould?

  • The injection mould is a tool that is used to create parts within the plastic injection moulding process. These tools are custom designed to allow for a specific part geometry, size cooling methods and injection pressure. They can be built with single or multi-cavity depending on how many parts need producing.

Is all work completed in the same facility?

  • CJ Tool and Moldings has the capability to design and build the required parts for any mould. Our injection moulding projects are all completed in-house providing our customers with a single point of contact.

Are CJ Tool and Mouldings an ISO registered company?

  • Yes, CJ Tool and Mouldings are ISO 9001:2015 certified molder and assembler. We take pride in our people, product, partnership process, and put quality at the forefront of everything.

How can I get a plastic prototype made?

  • Our design studio is equipped with the latest technology allowing our designers access to CAD software, working with 2D and 3D models providing guidance before undertaking the full injection moulding

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What is plastic injection moulding and why should I use it?

What is plastic injection moulding and why should I use it?

 Plastic injection moulding is a modern manufacturing process which is most commonly used to mass-produce large volumes of identical parts in succession. This is the process of plastic injection moulding and the journey it takes from polymer material to a plastic part.


Clamping – This is referring to the pressure which is produced from the machine to the mould during the injection and cooling process.

Injection – Once melted down the polymer is fed through the gates and into the mould where it forms its desired shape.

Dwelling – During the plastic injection moulding process there is a pause which enables the plastic to fill each of the mould cavities to ensure proper shape. 

Cooling – Whilst still in the mould the now plastic product is given time to cool in the mould.

Mould opening and ejection – Following the above process the mould tool opens to release the complete product before it is quality checked and put through any required post mould operations.

Why is plastic injection moulding a great process?

Plastic injection moulding is a very versatile method of producing parts and provides the ability to scale production as a whole and once the initial costs have been paid for, the price per unit during injection moulded manufacturing is dramatically low. Through plastic injection moulding, you can achieve detailed products with enhanced strength.

Are there any downsides to plastic injection moulding?

Initial costs to plastic injection moulding can be high due to design and tooling requirements, so it is important to get the design right the first time – we offer 3D printed prototypes to help with this process. 

Plastic injection moulding is a great technology for finished production on a massive scale. It is also useful for finalized prototypes that are used for consumer and/or product testing, prior to this late stage in production.

If you are looking for more information on plastic injection moulding, please read our blog, News & Views for useful articles, tips and tricks, as well as guest blogs from some of our business associates.

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What is Injection Moulding?

Injection Moulding is a primary process for producing plastic components. It is fast and used to produce large volumes of identical items from high precision engineering components to disposable consumer goods.

There are several processes of moulding plastic into useable shapes, each method has its own benefits and requires specific expertise and skill to execute. The injection moulding process is one of the most widely used and counts for a significant proportion of all plastics products.

Injection Moulding Process

Granules of plastic material are introduced into the injection moulding machine via a variety of conveying systems

The melted plastic material is injected under pressure via a runner system into the cavity. The mould tool that provides the cavity defines the shape of the moulded part.

The material is then cooled and finally ejected from the mould as a finished part. The whole injection moulding process then repeats, each cycle producing an identical part.


For more information on the injection moulding process, check out our expert advice section.

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