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Why is plastic injection moulding reshoring to the UK

Plastic injection moulding is currently experiencing a resurgence, reshoring back to the UK. This reshoring trend is not exclusive to the plastic injection moulding industry, a recent study has published that around half of businesses in the UK have actively re-shored part of their operations or have been considering doing so.

Re-shoring is the practice by which British businesses stop outsourcing production to China and other typically low-cost, high-volume countries and bring it home to the UK. Reports indicate that the language barriers, distance and quality of goods produced have sparked a revival in business reshoring.

CJ Tool and Mouldings, a plastic injection moulding company operating in the UK, have an experienced team who understand the reshoring process. Our team will first carry out on-site or off-site tooling reviews to understand any modification requirements. To ensure you plastic injection moulding re-shore is a smooth transition, we’ll work closely with your business to understand required stock holdings and project timelines to ensure there is no interruption to your business or customers.


10 reasons to re-shore you plastic injection moulding to the UK:

1. Fast turnaround / shorter lead times – with no sea or air freight to delay production or delivery.

2. Design and product innovation – no language barrier or time difference to prevent product development.

3. Traceability – CJ Tool and Mouldings carefully monitor every step of the manufacturing process and maintain detailed traceability records to ensure quality control.

4. Ownership – Your mould tools would reside in the UK, giving you the option to see them, touch them and feel more confident about they’re whereabouts.

5. Reduce carbon footprint – by removing factors such as ocean and air freight and using our UK plastic injection moulding factory which is more environmentally friendly than most overseas factories the risk and carbon footprint is reduced.

6. Consultancy and a personal touch – we’re delighted to offer a customer centred approach to ourplastic injection moulding and strive to develop lasting partnerships with our customers.

7. Cost – all elements of costs managed and reduced, production, quality, transport and overseas product management

Added: 20 Mar 2019 09:57

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