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Why your plastic injection moulding supplier should be ISO 9001:2015 certified

As a plastic injection moulding supplier we know the importance of quality when undertaking your project. Here at CJ Tool and Mouldings we are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited company, and therefore know the benefits of the certification.


  1. You have objective proof that your organisation takes great care with the quality of a plastic injection moulding part and that your process is checked regularly by an independent party.


  1. A higher efficiency in operation is achieved due to quality management being an integral part of the business operation.


  1. A certified ISO 9001:2015 increases the quality of your service and raises staff’s awareness.


  1. A clear process and communication structure is laid out, providing key tasks and responsibilities through the organisation. This helps increase the involvement of your staff, which improves the working atmosphere whilst reducing pressure at work.


  1. You can identify problems in the early stages of the plastic injection moulding process which means actions can take place from the beginning to avoid future mistakes.


With the above factors considered it’s in our best interest to provide the highest quality service possible, and therefore put people, product, partnership first. If your current plastic injection moulding provider isn’t providing the quality of service desired. We can create a seamless transition from your current plastic injection moulding provider to CJ Tool and Mouldings.


We work closely with our customers to ensure all quality inspection checks are carried out in-house prior to delivery. Whatever your quality requirements, we can work with you to develop them and through our continuous improvement process, identify how to improve the plastic injection moulding process.


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CJ Tool & Mouldings offer a full range of plastic injection moulding services, with a customer centred and personal approach. We pride ourselves on delivering quality products to meet customer needs, with a strong focus on quality service and value. CJ Tool & Mouldings are a dynamic and growing business through people product partnership. 

Added: 11 Jun 2019 09:41

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