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CJ Tool and Mouldings are an injection moulding company based in the UK that specialise in the manufacture of injection moulded plastic products and components. With a strong focus on our customers, our personal and proactive approach to plastic injection moulding covers a range of services including; design, tooling, moulding and assembly.


In the UK, plastic injection moulding is a highly preferred process for the manufacture of plastic parts, the plastic injection moulding process is fast and suitable for producing a volume of parts and identical parts. Our UK injection moulding company, CJ Tool and Mouldings provides injection moulding services with a skilled in-house team and state-of-the art technology.


Our injection moulding company offers many benefits to customers requiring plastic injection moulding services, find out more about us and what our customers say on our testimonial page. At our injection moulding company we hold a variety of plastic injection moulding machines. These machines are supported by our innovative and intelligent chiller system, which incorporates the latest ‘Free Air Cooling’ technologies and drastically reduces our on-site energy requirements.


CJ Tool and Mouldings are an experienced injection moulding company in the UK and have over 30 years of expertise. We’re very proud to offer our unique innovation filter which is applied to every project at no extra cost. This inclusive service evaluates your project at each stage to identify any improvement and cost-saving opportunities. This unique service offered by our injection moulding company is only possible due to our experienced team inparting their knowledge and skillset to ensure the best possible outcome for our customers.


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