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Plastic Injection Moulding for Manufacturing Parts

Plastic injection moulding is one of the most popular techniques for manufacturing parts, this is due to it being a quick and efficient process, making it ideal to produce large amounts of identical parts.


When it comes to CJ Tool and Mouldings manufacturing parts, we follow a 6 step process that enables us to produce a high quality finish with minimal wastage. These six steps are as follows; clamping, injection, dwelling, cooling, mould opening and ejection, you can learn what happens at each stage here.


To understand how the manufacturing of parts is achieved within the plastic injection moulding process, we have produced a whole section on our website called Injection Moulding Explained. However, to summarise; plastic materials are placed into a plastic injection moulding machine where they are then melted and injected under pressure through a runner system into the cavity. The pressure secures that the plastic doesn’t collapse. To achieve a defined shape for the moulded part, we then use a specialist plastic injection moulding tool. Once the material has cooled down and solidified, it’s finally ejected from the mould as a finished manufacturing part. 


When it comes to manufacturing parts, it’s vital to choose an injection moulding company who are fully equipped with the latest machinery and software in order to meet your plastic injection moulding needs. Here at CJ Tool and Mouldings, we are equipped with both conventional and C.N.C milling, EDM machining, grinding, turning and jig boring. We also use CAD software to provide 2d drawings or 3d models for our clients to approve before the manufacturing of parts.


With over 30 years of experience, CJ Tool and Mouldings will help develop the most efficient and suitable manufacturing parts, this will also be achieved at the most effective cost, as due to our Innovation Filter, we can evaluate your part at each stage of the plastic injection moulding process.


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