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CJ Tool & Mouldings holds enviable experience in the injection moulding industry. Through working within a wide range of customers sectors, we have developed knowledge and expertise for an extensive range of plastic materials. Consequently, from these challenges we’ve sourced and moulded an assortment of different thermoplastics, from basic commodity polymers to advanced and specialised engineering grades. We work with numerous polymer suppliers to ensure our materials  meet your requirements.  


Choosing the right plastic materials for an injection moulding project is a key factor in producing the right part with all the right properties. With the latest advances in polymer science, there is now a wide selection of resins to choose from. At CJ Tool and Mouldings, we have the knowlegde to guide you through which resin and additives are best suited for your part.


What is a resin?

Plastic materials, such as polystyrene, ABS, acrylic, polyethylene etc, are synthetic resins in the form of long-chain polymers usually derived from petroleum.


Which resin is used for certain parts?

We categories plastic materials in two sections: thermoset plastics and thermoplastics.

Thermosets cannot be reshaped easily, this is because they harden into a permanent form during processing, this is a chemical reaction that cannot be reversed.  

Thermoplastics, on the other hand, are heated then cooled in a mould which will form a part. They can then be re-melted and reshaped before being cooled again, meaning the plastic materials are easier to recycle. It is thermoplastics that are used in the injection moulding process.


Types of thermoplastics

There are three types to thermoplastics:


Commodity resins: are plastics that are produced at high volume and low cost and are typically used in mass produced items like packaging and consumer items.


Engineering resins: these are plastic materials that have high mechanical and thermal properties. These are more expensive than commodity resins and will be used to produce items like housings industrial components.


High-performance resins: are a group of plastic materials that combine great strength with light weight, this can often be found in the aerospace industry.


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