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Plastic Moulding Explained

To help explain each stage of the plastic moulding process, the machines used and how they work together to produce plastic products, we've produced the following articles below. These explain the plastic moulding process, to give you an overview of how plastic moulding works. This includes articles that discuss the machines used and the purpose and function of the mould tools.

The technique includes a full range of design, tooling, moulding and assembly. There are many steps involved within the creating and finishing process which include clamping, dwelling, cooling, opening and ejection. This involves inserting melted plastic into a mould cavity which has been designed for the required shape.

To ensure that our plastic injection moulding service is second to none, we provide a service called the ‘innovation filter’. This service comes at no additional cost and sets out to access each product at every stage of the process allowing our experienced team to identify areas of improvement. This identifies potential cost savings and increased quality processes throughout production.

Our strict plastic moulding process delivers the highest quality plastic products to clients across the country, tailored to individual needs and project requirements, ensuring that each experience is unique. There are a number of reasons why plastic moulding is one of the most popular modern manufacturing techniques. One of which is how quick and efficient the process is, making it ideal for manufacturers to produce large amounts of identical objects that are precise and accurate. The shape that’s moulded can be as simple, or as complicated as the design requires.

CJ Tool and Mouldings guarantee you will not get a higher quality service with any other plastic manufacture using the plastic moulding process within our core values; people, product, partnership.

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