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When designing a plastic injection mould tool, you need an experienced and knowledgeable toolmaking team plus the latest technology for manufacture. CJ Tool and Mouldings have these key elements enabling us to manufacture high quality plastic injection mould tools.

As a plastic injection moulding company, CJ Tool and Mouldings can manufacture a new plastic injection mould tool as well as carry out refurbishments and modifications to existing tools.

CJ Tool and Mouldings have an in-house tool room giving us the ability to manage the whole manufacturing process, with no outsourcing. Therefore, preserving and protecting quality and market critical data. If a plastic injection mould tool does need repairing, it can be fixed on-site immediately. Having the moulding and tooling production under one roof reduces lead time, development time and overall project costs.

Regular plastic injection mould tool servicing is something that we are passionate about, not only does it reduce the need for sudden repairs, but it also limits unexpected downtime. CJ Tool and Mouldings have an on-site fully equipped plastic injection mould tool room, which keeps tooling costs to a minimum.



Within our industry, skilled plastic injection mould tool makers are becoming a progressively rare commodity. We are proud to have such a knowledgeable and experienced toolmaking team with us at CJ Tool and Mouldings. We have over time developed a strong reputation for providing customers with the highest quality of toolmaking.



With over 30 years tooling experience, CJ Tool and Mouldings supply a wide range of tooling options starting from prototype aluminium tooling for small volume production right up to fully hardened multi cavity steel production and multi feed tooling which utilises the very latest in hot runner technology.

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