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Plastic Materials

Plastic injection moulders CJ Tool and Moulding have a strong focus on plastic materials, to ensure that they are suitable and optimised for your plastic moulding parts. We have therefore explained the different plastic materials available when plastic moulding is undertaken.

Based in the West Midlands, we combine innovative technology with an experienced in-house team to create pristine plastic moulding.


Through our teams enviable experience with plastic moulding we can offer the developed knowledge and experience necessary to meet and exceed client expectations. We have an extensive understanding of the range of polymer types available and the varied additives available. We have seen that in some cases when necessary, additives may be added to a certain grade of polymer at the plastic moulding production stage.


Our plastic moulding articles outline the most commonly used additives, helping you understand how to get your desired colour, how to battle infections through antimicrobials  and how to prevent deterioration.


CJ Tool and Mouldings is ISO accredited, which means we have a quality management system providing peace of mind that the products will always be produced to the highest standard. To also achieve this we inject a free, added value service into every project, known as the ‘Innovation Filter’. This is where we conduct an additional in-house audit to identify potential cost savings, providing an added value service for our customers and potentially saving them money.


Working with our team from the early design process, means we are able to provide superior plastic moulding solutions, making our offering applicable to any true concept to component need, read more on our Concept2Concept page.

Using our experience of developing products, we can assist you from early designs, through to final product delivery. Read our full articles below.