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Plastic Moulding

Plastic moulding is how plastic products are made, this is a method that includes various techniques such as, designtoolingmoulding and assembly. There are several stages to create and finish a plastic part, these include: clamping, injection, dwelling, cooling, opening and ejection. We are an experienced injection moulding team, working consistently to ensure we continually grow and develop our services. 

Plastic moulding is a worldwide popular process used to manufacture plastic components. The process involves injecting melted plastic into a shaped mould cavity, specifically designed for the part desired. The melted plastic cools and the part is ejected from the plastic moulding machine. The whole process is then repeated.

Plastic moulding machines typically consist of two main parts; The injection unit and the clamping unit. To read more about the machines, please read our article, Injection Moulding Machine. The moulds can be positioned vertically or horizontally within the plastic moulding machine, however this will depend on the size and type of finish required. The meted plastic can be piped into the cavity using a hot or cold runner system.

In simple terms, melted plastic is injected into a shaped mould cavity, it is then left to cool and finally ejected when complete. To further elaborate on the plastic moulding process the machine must clamp the product the whole way through the process until the ejection stage, read about the full plastic moulding process here.

To ensure our plastic moulding service is competitive, we offer an added value service called the ‘Innovation Filter’. This is a complimentary assessment at each stage of the process which helps identify improvement for your part.

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Our team will be more than happy to help, advise and quote for your requirements.

Looking for more information? Check out our blog, News & Views for useful articles, tips and tricks on plastic injection moulding.