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How to Reduce Costs When Designing for Injection Moulding

When designing a part for injection moulding there are two areas you should consider in order to reduce the overall cost, production and tooling.


How to Reduce Tooling Costs

Injection mould tooling is typically costly and therefore if it is possible to combine multiple parts into one mould the production costs becomes less. We understand that producing a more complex mould is expensive but over time the costs savings will be apparent through the reduction of other parts, assembly costs and through an overall shorter production time.


Reduce tooling costs by using a family tool or multiple cavity tool

Using a family tool to produce similar parts that are needed in similar quantities will not only reduce the tooling cost but also the parts cost. A family tool enables you to mould all the parts in one run from one tool.

When large quantities of a part are needed, a multiple cavity tool can be used, this is when multiple parts can be produced in one run. This option would mean a higher initial tooling cost but the part price will be lower therefore making it more cost effective.


Aim to Keep Mould Tools Simple

Unless the aim is to combine multiple parts into one complex mould, we would suggest keeping the mould tool simple, to reduce the costs. If the design avoids complex features, the mould tool can be “straight open and close”.

When a product requires more complexed features such as threads, these can either be moulded or tapped after moulding. It is important to bear in mind that the more parts needed the more economical it will be to have these features designed into the mould tool, as opposed to using a secondary operation.


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How to Reduce Production Costs

Injection moulding is a heat process and plastics are poor conductors of heat, taking longer to cool down, therefore, it’s important to try and keep certain sections of the parts thin to enable them to cool down quicker. This not only shortens the moulding cycle time but equally means less material is used, thus minimising the cost.  


Material Selection to Reduce Cost

There are different grades of plastic that can vary in price. One way to reduce the cost of material through design, is to design strength into a part and then use lower costs materials.  


Reducing Costs with out Reducing Strength

When it comes to plastics, thicker sections don’t necessarily mean you’ll have a stronger part. After a certain thickness the part can become more brittle as the thickness can reduce the flexibility. CJ Tool and Mouldings achieve strong and durable products by the addition of ribs rather than thickening a section.


Reducing Costs by Using In-House Assembly

When assembly is needed, aim to work with a partner who can offer you an in-house assembly, as we do. It reduces the number of manufacturing partners you have to work with, keeps the quality and service consistent and enables us to make the design as simple and suitable for assembly as possible.

With some projects it is possible to combine multiple parts into one moulding, removing the need for assembly altogether.


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In Summary

Our designers have years of experience designing to reduce costs whilst maximising product functionality and quality. We have identified various factors affecting the part and tooling cost above and would advise to work closely with your injection moulder during the design phase. This is to ensure the design is best suited to injection moulding, as we know the more advanced the project is in terms of production, the more costly any changes become. So getting the desing correct from the outset can aid your cost savings overall. Speak to a member of our friendly team today and find out how we design to reduce costs at CJ Tool & Moulding.



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