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Why our innovation filter makes us different

Here at CJ Tool and Mouldings we are a very competitive plastic injection moulder within the industry and offer a unique, added value service called the ‘innovation filter’.


Our innovation filter makes us different compared to our competitors. When a project is agreed and in operation, we conduct an additional in-house audit to identify potential cost savings and increase quality processes throughout production.


We add value into your project. The innovation filter is built and incorporated into each project we undertake. This is of course at no additional cost to our customers. This innovation filter not only can potentially save you money on various costs throughout the project but gives you the added value.


What are the benefits of the innovation filter?


Our innovation filter can provide:


  • A single point of contact for all of your plastic, moulding and tool making requirements.
  • You will only be dealing with one supplier for Design, Tooling, Moulding and Assembly.
  • It provides you with an opportunity to develop a partnership with us here at CJ Tool and Mouldings so that we can become an extension of your own operation.

It helps to supports the concept2component model.

  • It adds great value to your project.
  • You will be dealing with an organization where the word value, means so much more to us than competitive pricing. We have a strong focus on quality, service and value.



CJ Tool & Mouldings strive to build lasting partnerships to fully manage customers’ requirements.


Do you want to find out more about our innovation filter? Our team will be more than happy to help, advise and quote for your injection moulding requirements.


Are you looking for more information? Check out our blog, News & Views for useful articles and tips and tricks.

Added: 22 Aug 2017 12:14

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